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International Quality Managements Standards

Enkay Testing Technologies Limited is established to provide customers with one up service in material testing. To provide you with top notch service, we belive in implementing the standard & certified procedure for everything we do. That's why at ETTL we follow strict quality control policy and work accordance with it. We believe that to grow we need to be organized and better than the compettion. Our top-most priority is to provide you with better service at cost effective prices.

Industrial Accreditions :

  • ISO 9001

  • ISO 14000

  • SA 8000

  • Quality Assurance
    Performance to match International Standards

    At Enkay Testing Technologies Ltd. we understand that each individual organization has different requirements and aims. That's why, we have established a team of well informed proffesional who perform the task according to your requirements. To make things easier, we work according to your needs. For instance, our clients can select the protocol to follow during test procedures.

    Protocols Implemented :

  • ASTM : American Society for Testing and Materials

  • BIS : Bureau of Indian Standards

  • BS : British Standards

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