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Environmental Services
Helping to understand your surroundings better

Our environment includes everything around us and it is most important role player in our day to day life. Healthy living condition for humans, animals as well as plants is a necessity and absence of it creates many hazards to living beings. Experienced staff, state-of-the-art equipments and full range of environmental consulting services is what ETTL offers its customers. Our team of professional analysts are well trained and experience to address all environmental issues in an uncomplicated, professional and certified manner. We have in house facilities for municipal, industrial, household and private concerns.

Available Test :
Indoor Air Quality Testing Stack Emission
Noise Level Monitoring Light Intensity
Ambient Air Monitoring Fugitive Emission Monitoring
Effluent Water Testing Traffic Density Survey
Note: These monitoring covers mainly the Test Methods For Parameters like SPM , RPM , Sulphur Dioxide , Oxides Of Nitrogen , Carbon Monoxide.

Equipment Available :
High Volume Sampler Stak Monitoring Equipment
Carbon / Sulphur Gas Analyzer Decibel Monitoring System

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