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Minerals & Ores
Extracting the actual results

Our manufacturing and pharmaceutical units are major consumers for various minerals and ores. ETTL has dedicated facility for minerals and ore testing. Our world class equipments and qualified technicians provides you with the certified test reports that are detailed to every order.

Available Test :
Quality and Quantity Control Inspection & Sampling
Quantity and Quality Verification Ship loading inspection
Sample preparation service Pre-shipment inspection
Umpire analysis Mine site sampling
Mine site quality control Performance testing
Acid leaching Cyanide leaching
Heap leaching Agglomeration
Gravity Bond WI grinding tests
Crushing & grinding India Minerals Testing Parameters
Loss on ignition Acid solubles
Water solubles Electrical conductivity
pH for coal & Coke Total Moisture
Inherent moisture Ash & Volatile matter
Gross Calorific value    

Equipment Available :
Jaw Crusher Computerized Compression Testing Machine
Pulverizer Some of the tests are purely chemical analysis based

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