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Oil Testing & Analysis Services (Essential Oils)
Serious analysis of recreational products

Essential Oils and food grade oils are used at very wide scenario. These oils are used for cooking, massage, as perfumes, in aroma therapy and even in medicines. Their quality as well as purity holds utmost importance to the user. At best, using adulterated or poor-quality essential oils may result in no therapeutic benefit, and at worst, may result in unexpected toxic reactions. ETTL has fully capable unit to analysis essential oils to determine their composition or elemental make-up of materials. We are well equipped with latest and advanced instrumental methods as well as classic chemical analysis methods. The testing is carried out as per recognized industry standards such as ASTM, IP and AOAC.

Available Test :
Oil Chemical Analysis Oil physical property testing
Oil quality Oil purity
Oil characteristics Oil composition
Oil assay Oil contamination
Oil impurities Toxicology
Relative Density Refractive Index
Optical Rotation Solubility
Odour quality Component Analysis by Gas Chromatography
Odour intensity Changes of Odour on evaporation
Diffusiveness of Odour Gas Chromatography
Mass Spectroscopy High Performance Liquid Chromatography
Determination of the percentage of the main chemical components of essential Oils

Available Equipment :

Bitumen Penetrometer Cleveland Flash & Fire Point Test App
Ductility Testing Machine Pensky Martin Apparatus
Ring and Bail Apparatus Standard Tar Viscometer
Some of the tests are purely chemical analysis based
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