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Textile Analysis
Weaving the certified result

Texture, softness, composition, strength and appearance are few of the parameter followed by common people to judge a fabric. But there is more than these basic features that determines the true value & life of a fabric and its actual use. Industry leaders has spun the success story by providing constant quality material. ETTL offers complete range of quality tests for Textile Industry. Our comprehensive and certified reports are strictly adhere to specified requirements.

Available Test :
  Physical Tests    
Caliper Fracture
Toughness Double Fold
  Optical Tests    
Opacity Scattering Coefficient
Absorption Coefficient Brightness
Each Pfi Point Recast
Hunter Color CIE Color
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Equipment Available :
AATCC Grey Scale ISDC Grey Scale
BIS Standard Yarn Appearance Blue Standards (1 to 8) Board
Electronic Weighing Balance Hygrometer
Elmondorf Tearing Tester Fabric Thickness Gauge
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